I made a Booktube channel!

Hey guys so a little update. I’m currently reading To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han and loving it.

I’m still in a reading slump sadly though so I might not complete my reading goal for this month, but I still have a few days and 5 books to finish so we’ll see.

Anyways the real reason I wanted to do this. I made a Booktube channel! I’ll link it below and link it in my about section.

I’m really excited to do this, don’t worry I’m going to keep the blog. I still want to do book reviews and talk about things. I want to do book hauls though as well as TBRs and Wrap ups and book tags.

I hope you guys check it out!


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Why I Quit Bookstagram

Hey guys! So I wanted to address this. I didn’t know if anyone would care.

So up until just recently I had a bookstagram account where I posted about books. I love books as you can tell. And I love photography so it seemed like the perfect fit. And it was for awhile. But I noticed recently that I was feeling bored with it. I wasn’t posting as often  and not because I was busy. Let’s be real, I don’t have a life for the most part.

So that’s the short answer: I was feeling bored.

I didn’t have inspiration to take pictures even though I have a brand new camera. I wasn’t feeling like new layouts even though I have been steadily buying new books. I was tired of it. It didn’t feel like it was challenging me. Now, blogging I will be doing for as long as possible cause it challenges me and I want to share my opinion.

I also felt like it would be hard and weird to take pictures in college. Bookstagram pictures that is. Whereas blogging isn’t as difficult while in college. I also don’t want to feel obligated to post all the time during college. I want to really enjoy college and spend it making new friends and learning. So I might take some artsy pictures for the blog, but as for bookstagram I don’t feel comfortable!

Thanks for understanding.

Until Next Time,


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Why I Haven’t Posted As Much!

So guys I wanted to just give a little update!

I realized I haven’t been posting as much, not because I don’t love blogging anymore, but because I am in a reading slump. So book reviews are not happening because I am not finishing books. My goal is to finish Lord of Shadows this weekend or like next Monday and have a book review up on Tuesday.

It’s just my reading has been so great this year! And I’ve been reading so many books, but I’m just in a little mini reading slump. So hoping that I’ll finish LoS and it’ll kick me out of   this reading slump so I can bring you guys more book reviews and content!

I would like you guys to comment some stuff that you might like to see so I can bring you the best!

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