Posting Update

Hey guys! So I’m planning to start posting book reviews Mondays and Fridays with something different on Wednesdays. A new book review will go up this Wednesday just because I skipped Monday.

I’ll also be uploading youtube videos on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the summer. If school isn’t too crazy, you’ll get a bonus video on Thursdays during the school year. On breaks though, Thursdays will be a regular posting day.

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Happy Anniversary!

Guys I just got a notification saying it was my 2 year anniversary here on wordpress! Thank you so much for following and liking and commenting. I can’t wait to continue growing with you.

Here’s To Another year!

A new post will be up later today!

Until Next Time, Alex



Hey guys.. So wow. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything here. Let me start off by saying I am so sorry! I love this blog and everyone here, but I needed a little break. Here’s why:

I was in a really bad reading slump and I’m trying my best to get out of it.

Finals just got over with and I needed to devote a lot of time and energy to that.

And finally, I’m gonna be real with you. My mental health has not been in the best place recently. I’ve been depressed, anxious, extremely stressed out. And because of this I have not had much motivation to even read or do anything besides lay in bed with my laptop. I’m home now and I’m hoping to feel better first of all because I have been sick. I’m going to the doctor in a few days and I’m going to talk to my mom about the fact that I just don’t feel myself. I never want you guys to feel like I just stopped caring, but the holidays are really difficult times for me and I’ve just been dealing with a lot. Thank you for being so understanding.

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I made a Booktube channel!

Hey guys so a little update. I’m currently reading To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han and loving it.

I’m still in a reading slump sadly though so I might not complete my reading goal for this month, but I still have a few days and 5 books to finish so we’ll see.

Anyways the real reason I wanted to do this. I made a Booktube channel! I’ll link it below and link it in my about section.

I’m really excited to do this, don’t worry I’m going to keep the blog. I still want to do book reviews and talk about things. I want to do book hauls though as well as TBRs and Wrap ups and book tags.

I hope you guys check it out!


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Why I Quit Bookstagram

Hey guys! So I wanted to address this. I didn’t know if anyone would care.

So up until just recently I had a bookstagram account where I posted about books. I love books as you can tell. And I love photography so it seemed like the perfect fit. And it was for awhile. But I noticed recently that I was feeling bored with it. I wasn’t posting as often  and not because I was busy. Let’s be real, I don’t have a life for the most part.

So that’s the short answer: I was feeling bored.

I didn’t have inspiration to take pictures even though I have a brand new camera. I wasn’t feeling like new layouts even though I have been steadily buying new books. I was tired of it. It didn’t feel like it was challenging me. Now, blogging I will be doing for as long as possible cause it challenges me and I want to share my opinion.

I also felt like it would be hard and weird to take pictures in college. Bookstagram pictures that is. Whereas blogging isn’t as difficult while in college. I also don’t want to feel obligated to post all the time during college. I want to really enjoy college and spend it making new friends and learning. So I might take some artsy pictures for the blog, but as for bookstagram I don’t feel comfortable!

Thanks for understanding.

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Why I Haven’t Posted As Much!

So guys I wanted to just give a little update!

I realized I haven’t been posting as much, not because I don’t love blogging anymore, but because I am in a reading slump. So book reviews are not happening because I am not finishing books. My goal is to finish Lord of Shadows this weekend or like next Monday and have a book review up on Tuesday.

It’s just my reading has been so great this year! And I’ve been reading so many books, but I’m just in a little mini reading slump. So hoping that I’ll finish LoS and it’ll kick me out of   this reading slump so I can bring you guys more book reviews and content!

I would like you guys to comment some stuff that you might like to see so I can bring you the best!

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