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Confess Show Review

Hey guys! So back in April I read Confess by Colleen Hoover. Around that time a show on Go90 came out based on the book. It’s free to sign up so I suggest doing it. Anyway, for whatever reason I waited awhile to watch it. But once I started I binged it. To be fair, there are only 7 episodes so binging is pretty easy.

I was honestly surprised by how well the adaptation followed the book. I was a little annoyed because it wasn’t set in the right city and some of the things just weren’t quite right. They were little things though.

I thought all the actors fit the characters so well. I didn’t like the girl that played Auburn that much, but mostly because she was in Switched at Birth and she played a deaf girl in that show and it was hard to disconnect those things.

I absolutetly hated Lydia and Trey, but you were supposed to. I thought the man who played Owen was hot and the perfect fit. I do remember the kid being younger, but I could be wrong.

Overall, I think it was amazing and worth the watch. I’m excited to see more Colleen Hoover adaptations! Trigger Warning for sexual assualt.

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Thirteen Reasons Why Show Review

Wow. Okay. So I’m an emotional mess right now. I literally just finished watching the show and watched The Beyond Reasons and basically bawled my eyes out. So let’s get to the review.

The show was amazing. It touched on so many different problems that society has problems talking about. This book/show is about a girl named Hannah Baker who has recently committed suicide. It follows Clay Jensen who is listening to the tapes Hannah made before she died about the 13 people that made her want to kill herself. It’s an eye opening story and I encourage every one to read it and watch the show. The show is triggering for suicide, depression, sexual assault, and rape.The book is triggering for all that too, just a little less for the sexual assault, and rape. Just a warning.

But I loved the show even more. I loved how they added more to the story. I think seeing the other characters and seeing them dealing with what happened adds way more to the story. I think that the way they did the show- making it so it was basically a tape a day made it a lot easier. We also got to see the things that were happening to Hannah and not just hear her voice. We saw Clay and how he was affected by this, He loved Hannah and didn’t understand why anyone would hurt her. And he especially didn’t understand why he wasn’t on the list.

I think everyone needs a friend like Clay. He is so sweet and so caring and he’s smart and funny. I want a friend like Clay.

The only thing that bothered me was that in the book it seemed to glamourize suicide, but in the show they did an amazing job at showing how awful it really is. They did make it seem like love could save someone when in reality it can’t. If someone had noticed something was going on, it would help.

As someone who went through depression and suicidal thoughts and is still going through depression, I think the show did an amazing job at showing what it’s really like.

I have almost lost people to suicide and I’m so glad I didn’t. I was there for them, but when I was dealing with this I was young and I didn’t know what to do. They came to me for help and I was there for them, but that’s all I did. I could’ve gotten help and I didn’t.

I love the portrayal of sexual assault and rape because it’s such a difficult subject in our society and it shouldn’t be. It should be something we are talking about. Ways to make it stop,  ways to talk about it in a safe environment, and teaching kids what no means and how to say no. I honestly encourage you to watch Beyond The Reasons after finishing the show.

I also love how they portrayed bullying and the rumors and slut shaming. Those are important things that are so relevant. I wish that people would talk about it. I think the entire show was genius.

If you or a friend is experiencing suicidal thoughts please don’t hesitate to either visit the website, contact the suicide hotline 1-800-273-8255, talk to a trusted adult and get help. And remember you are NOT alone! You are meant to be in this world and you are meant to have an amazing life. There is so much out there for you. Also all my social medias are in the about section so feel free to message me! I’m a great listener.

Until Next Time,