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Confess Show Review

Hey guys! So back in April I read Confess by Colleen Hoover. Around that time a show on Go90 came out based on the book. It’s free to sign up so I suggest doing it. Anyway, for whatever reason I waited awhile to watch it. But once I started I binged it. To be fair, there are only 7 episodes so binging is pretty easy.

I was honestly surprised by how well the adaptation followed the book. I was a little annoyed because it wasn’t set in the right city and some of the things just weren’t quite right. They were little things though.

I thought all the actors fit the characters so well. I didn’t like the girl that played Auburn that much, but mostly because she was in Switched at Birth and she played a deaf girl in that show and it was hard to disconnect those things.

I absolutetly hated Lydia and Trey, but you were supposed to. I thought the man who played Owen was hot and the perfect fit. I do remember the kid being younger, but I could be wrong.

Overall, I think it was amazing and worth the watch. I’m excited to see more Colleen Hoover adaptations! Trigger Warning for sexual assualt.

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