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This was originally started by Kat over at Katytastic   – Check out her channel it’s great and I love her.


1. The Little Mermaid – a character who is out of their element, a “fish out of water”

For this one I’m going to go with America from the Selection series. She is put in to this princess role and it’s just not her. She doesn’t understand it cause she’s used to being poor
2. Cinderella – a character who goes through a major transformation

I’m going to say Feyre from ACOTAR. She goes from being  a human to a high fae. That’s pretty big.
3. Snow White – a book with an eclectic cast of characters

The Sword of Summer from Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard. All the characters are so different and fun.
4. Sleeping Beauty – a book that put you to sleep

The Glittering Court. I ended up DNFing it.
5. The Lion King – a character who had something traumatic happen to them in childhood

Lily from It Ends with Us. She dealt with abuse as a kid.
6. Beauty and the Beast – A beast of a book (a big book) that you were intimidated by, but found the story to be beautiful

Winter by Marissa Meyer. That book is over 800 pages long. I loved the story though and it was amazing.
7. Aladdin – a character who gets their wish granted, for better or worse

Maddy from Everything, Everything. No spoilers.
8. Mulan – a character who pretends to be someone or something they are not

Again gonna go with Feyre at the beginning of ACOWAR. If y’all have read it you understand
9. Toy Story – a book with characters you wish would come to life

Lux Series. Mostly just Daemon and Kat because Katy is a book blogger and Daemon is a hot alien.
10. Disney Descendants – your favorite villain or morally ambiguous character

SEBASTIAN. That is all.


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