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After Ever Happy by Anna Todd

It’s never been all rainbows and sunshine for Tessa and Hardin, but each new challenge they’ve faced has only made their passionate bond stronger and stronger. But when a revelation about the past shakes Hardin’s inpenetrable façade to the core—and then Tessa suffers a tragedy—will they stick together again, or be torn apart?

As the shocking truth about each of their families emerges, it’s clear the two lovers are not so different from each other. Tessa is no longer the sweet, simple, good girl she was when she met Hardin—any more than he is the cruel, moody boy she fell so hard for. Tessa understands all the troubling emotions brewing beneath Hardin’s exterior, and she knows she’s the only one who can calm him when he erupts. He needs her.

But the more layers of his past come to light, the darker he grows, and the harder he pushes Tessa—and everyone else in his life—away. Tessa’s not sure if she really can save him—not without sacrificing herself. She refuses to go down without a fight. But who is she fighting for—Hardin or herself?”

~Synopsis from Goodreads

OMG! Guys I’ve read the fanfic so I knew what was going to happen. But that didn’t change the heartwrenching and happy moments. Like honestly this book is so fast paced. Anna T0dd has a such a way with words. She is so talented. Who else can make a 500 page book feel like a 200 page book?

I still understand why people don’t like this series. It does revolve around a very toxic relationship and it’s back and forth.

I had this conversation with Tay a few days ago and we both agreed that we wouldn’t want a Hardin in real life. He is too much and he did too much to hurt Tessa. I couldn’t imagine going through that and getting  back together over and over.

Anyways, I gave this book a 5 out of 5 stars. I really enjoyed it. I  recommend this to anyone, but it does have mature content. So you are warned.

Happy New Year everyone!

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