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After We Fell by Anna Todd

“Book Three of the After series-the internet sensation with millions of readers. Tessa and Hardin’s love was complicated before.
Now it’s more confusing than ever.
After We Fell
Life will never be the same.
Just as Tessa makes the biggest decision of her life, everything changes. Revelations about her family, and then Hardin’s, throw everything they knew before into doubt and make their hard-won future together more difficult to claim. Tessa’s life begins to come unglued. Nothing is what she thought it was. Not her friends. Not her family. Hardin – the one person she should be able to rely on – is furious when he discovers the massive secret she’s been keeping. And rather than being understanding, he turns to sabotage…
Tessa knows Hardin loves her and will do anything to protect her, but there’s a difference between loving someone and being able to have them in your life. This cycle of jealousy, unpredictable anger, and forgiveness, is exhausting. She’s never felt so intensely for anyone, so exhilarated by someone’s kiss – but is the irrepressible heat between her and Hardin worth all the drama? Love used to be enough to hold them together. But if Tessa follows her heart now, will it be… the end?”

~Synopsis from Google Books because Goodreads kept showing me the description in Spanish.

I finally finished a book! It only took me almost two weeks. It feels so good and I picked up another book right after I finished it. And I’m making a ton of progress already.

Anyways, I finished After We Fell last night after having a Harry Potter marathon with my sister and brother in law. He hasn’t seen any of the movies yet so it was a new experience for him. He kept trying to guess what was going on and was horribly wrong. Like he thought that the snake in the beginning of Sorcerer’s Stone was going to be Snape. He also is convinced that Harry and Hermione are gonna date. Boy is he in for  surprise.

We’re watching Prisoner of Azkaban right now and just all the Harry Potter feels. But, let’s focus on my review.

So I know people have mixed reviews on this series. I enjoy it, but I know others don’t. I love the Hessa feels that it brings me. I can understand a toxic relationship like that. Not as bad as that and surely not one that ends in the way it does. I have never experienced a love like that but these books give me hope that maybe I will one day feel love as strong and consuming as Hardin (can I please just call him Harry because this name is just ew) and Tessa. I hope not to have a relationship as destructive or as toxic as that. I hope to find that love in college next year and follow my dreams the way Tessa does. She also fights for what she wants so I mean I think that makes her an inspiration.

She also has my dream job, publishing, which makes me connect with her even more. And Hardin is just a very screwed up guy with a lot of problems. And I’ve dated a few guys like that but not as severe. I understand how you can fall into that cycle of wanting to fix someone, but not being able to. Nobody can be fixed unless they want to fix themselves. It’s hard to not do that especially if you care about the person. So I get that and her pain. I get her situation even though mine was not as severe.

I did not mean to get so serious about this review, but I had a lot to say obviously. Anyways, I gave this book a 5 out of 5 stars. I loved it and like with the others this is for a mature audience only. If anyone can relate to my life experiences please feel free to message me. I’d love to talk to people. Message me at @mybookishworld._ on Instagram.

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