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ACOTAR and ACOMAF Character Discussion

Hi guys! So I recently read A Court of Thorns and Roses and A Court of Mist and Fury and I loved them! But I figured instead of raving about them and reviewing them I would do something a little different. If you want a review, Tay did do a review on both books. It will be under Book Reviews or Tay Posts. So if you have read the books then I want to discuss Tamlin, Rhysand, and Feyre. If you haven’t do not read, there will be spoilers.


Tamlin: I loved Tamlin in ACOTAR. I was totally team Tamlin and I was rooting for them. I even was rooting for them a little in ACOMAF. I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and hope that he just wanted to protect her. I do believe he just wanted to protect her, but he just did it in a really controlling way. He didn’t know how to control his feelings and his love for Feyre. He thought he was doing the best for her, but he was damaging her. Even in the end he thought making a deal with King Hybern was going to save her. It didn’t and he royally screwed up. I’m totally team Rhysand now, but I still have that sympathy for Tamlin.

Rhysand:  Rhysand. Omg. I hated him in ACOTAR. I disliked him in the beginning of ACOMAF. But throughout ACOMAF I realized he wasn’t so bad. And I ended up falling in love with him just like Feyre. I saw his soft side and his damaged side and who he was. His character development was beautiful and seeing the way he treated Feyre versus the way Tamlin treated her is pretty amazing. It’s what I want in a relationship, someone to understand what I need and be able to give it to me.

Feyre: She is such a unique character. I love how determined she is throughout the story. She is determined to break the curse for the one she loves. She breaks the curse, but she ends up breaking herself for Tamlin. So, she is damaged in ACOMAF and Tamlin doesn’t heal her. He was good for her when she was perfectly whole. But now she is damaged and she somebody that understands that damage. That’s where Rhysand comes in. He is as damaged as she is and they fix each other. They have a friendship that turns into more. They have that connection that is unbreakable (literally). I think they’re relationship is incredible and she is such a wonderful character.

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