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Update: Finals Week

Wow. It’s been a long time since either of us has been on here. We’ve both been busy with papers and finals.  We’re both in reading slumps. Tay is still having quite a book hangover from Me Before You by Jojo Moyes which I am currently reading. I’m not really in a slump. I have been reading really easy books that tend to get me more motivated to read. In this case, I have been reading books by Ellen Hopkins where she writes in a free verse form. I absolutely love that and it makes me feel more confident about how much I’m reading.

I didn’t want to write reviews about each one because they are hard to describe without giving away too much. Plus, I just get through them too quickly. But I will put the ones I read down below. I encourage you to read them, they always get me out of book slumps. They should be for more mature audiences since it deals with a lot of difficult situations.

Anyway, it is finals week for us and we are done on Wednesday! I’m so excited because I have very high expectations for this summer. After school is out we should both have a lot more time for this blog and reading! I know we have a lot planned for this blog and we want great things to come out of it. Just bear with us!



Trilogy—>      Crank by  Ellen Hopkins, Glass by Ellen Hopkins, Fallout by Ellen Hopkins (deals with drugs and violence and death)

Tricks by Ellen Hopkins (deals with prostitution)

Perfect by Ellen Hopkins (deals with pressure to be perfect, drugs, homosexuality, and death)


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