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The Scorch Trials by James Dashner

Solving the Maze was supposed to be the end.

Thomas was sure that escape from the Maze would mean freedom for him and the Gladers. But WICKED isn’t done yet. Phase Two has just begun. The Scorch.

There are no rules. There is no help. You either make it or you die.

The Gladers have two weeks to cross through the Scorch—the most burned-out section of the world. And WICKED has made sure to adjust the variables and stack the odds against them.

Friendships will be tested. Loyalties will be broken. All bets are off.

There are others now. Their survival depends on the Gladers’ destruction—and they’re determined to survive.”

~Synopsis from Goodreads

So, Tay and I are both so sorry we haven’t posted recently! We have been so stressed and tired. And we’ve both been in reading slumps. But there will be another blog post hopefully this weekend. Currently writing this while I’m procrastinating.

I’m a little late hopping on this bandwagon. This series obviously exploded recently with the first book, The Maze Runner. I really liked the first book, but I don’t know why this book just didn’t do it for me. I’m not really sure why. I’m on the third one right now and will be on the prequel by tomorrow.

This book moved really slow in my opinion even though it was good. It wasn’t bad at all, but it wasn’t a book that hooked me in and made me want to finish it. In fact, I’ve been avoiding the third one to read fanfiction. Yeah, I know I’m horrible.

I give this book a six out of 10 just because it didn’t hook me in like good books always should. I recommend this book to middle school age. There are no mature scenes, but there do happen to be kind of graphic death scenes.

So let me know guys, what do you think? I would love to hear your opinions. Am I horrible or does someone agree with me?



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