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Unchained by Jennifer L. Armentrout

“Between the pissed off creatures that want demon-hunter Lily Marks dead and the fallen angel who just…wants her, Lily is about ready to trade in forever for a comfy job in a cubicle farm.

The fact that she and Julian are civil to one another is enough to have her thrown out of the Sanctuary, but she can’t shake her not-so-angelic stalker or how he brings her dangerously close to ecstasy.

Her forbidden relationship with Julian provides the perfect fuel for suspicion when a traitor is discovered to be working within the Sanctuary. Lily quickly finds herself hunted by well, everyone.

Her only hope is to discover the real traitor before she loses everything–and she’ll need Julian’s help. That is, if Julian is really there to help her…and not destroy her.

Yeah, being a Nephilim isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be.”

Synopsis from Goodreads

So Jennifer L. Armentrout is my absolute favorite author ever. Her books never fail to disappoint me and this book lived up to my expectations as always.

Fallen angels have recently been taking the place of vampires and werewolves which I don’t mind because they are sexy. Take Patch from Hush, Hush for example. So this book is obviously about fallen angels and Nephilim and they are enemies. The fallen angels corrupt mortals and make them deadheads that can be dangerous. They can also make Nephilim go rogue and turn into minions that are very dangerous. Some of the original fallen angels still have their powers and they are very dangerous. So of course you need hunters.

Lily is one of the best hunters in the Sanctuary. And she is badass like I would have a girl crush on her. I wish I could be like her because she has the perfect attitude, strength, style, and sense of humor.

Anyway, Lily hunts deadheads, minions, and occasionally fallen angels. She has been taught her entire life that fallen angels are evil. But there is one that has never hurt her and has been stalking her for eight years. That is Julian. Julian is sexy, sarcastic, and very protective of her. They build a relationship, but it is forbidden for the Nephilim. Do they end up together? Well, you’ll just have to read to find out.

I give this book 1o out of 10 approval because it gave me all the feels. I would recommend this book for mature audiences, probably 16 or 17 and older. It has a lot of sexual content so it more depends on what you like, but the book is very graphic. I recommend Jennifer Armentrout to people about the same age, but you should check her out. She is an amazing author.

What’s your favorite author?






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