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So, I’m super sorry I have not gotten a book review up yet, but I’ve been in a reading slump all week. School is starting back up again on Tuesday and my goal is to have the book I’m reading right now done by then. And I might have two book reviews up later this week since I read fast.

But since I haven’t gotten a book review up yet, I thought I would do something else that was on my mind since yesterday: Family.

So yesterday I celebrated my little cousin’s birthday and let me tell you in my family, birthdays are a big deal. Anyway, I was riding in the car with my mom to my aunt’s and we had a conversation about family. And like any family, it’s dysfunctional. It’s crazy and sometimes you wonder why or how you were born into it.

And my aunt and older cousin said something very smart and very true. They said that anyone who thinks they’re family is normal, is crazy. All family is dysfunctional in some way. It just so happens my family is quirky, weird, and very annoying sometimes.

But when you get the crazy family together no matter which side it’s on and you start to tell stories and laugh, you kind of realize that family is family. You can’t help that you were born into it. It may be dysfunctional, but there was a reason you were born into the family you were born into or ended up in. And family doesn’t have to be actual family, it can be close friends or mentors too. I mean honestly my best friend, youth group, and certain other people are just like family to me because they support me. The point is, family is whoever supports you and loves you unconditionally whether or not they are dysfunctional.

As Stitch said-

“This is my family. I found it all on my own. It’s little and broken, but still good. Yeah, still good.”





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